Blues - australian shepherd



BLUES BOY Gorzowska Panorama "Blues"


26.03.2008 - 03.08.2015 

Reg.: FCI & ASCA    


Sire: Thornapple Anakin Skywalker 

Dam: Talisman Stand by Me    


Sex: male 

Color: blue merle c/w 

weight: 19kg 

height: 53cm    


HD: A (unoffical) 

ED: 0/0 (unofficial) 

HSF4: free (by parentage) 

CEA: free

Unfortunately on 03.08.2015 Blues passed away... He was poisoned by someone ;( ;( RIP my amazing Blues [*]    



Blues is an amazing dog. Once in the lifetime. Show bloodlines, but he is great in different kind of sports. My dogfrisbee champion. Very smart and clever dog. Awesome aussie. 

I'm sure I will never ever have again dog like him. I love him so much. 

He is the best in everything he does. He LOVES working, playing with me. Highly motivated. Loves fetching, retrieving toys. Pick the toy and he will be next to you waiting for the throw immediately ;-) 

He knows a lot of tricks, learns so quickly really hard tricks like staying on my feet, arms etc. 

He is very easy in everyday life, very obedient. I can go everywhere with him - in every situation he behaves perfect! He is friendly to strangers and other dogs (but he doesn't 'love' them, just accepts them and allow for hugs etc). Focuses on me everywhere in every kind of situation. Very confident, but he trusts me a lot. I can always rely on him. 

He is my 'demo' dog on workshops, frisbee demonstrations, on classes in my dogschool. He was many times in TV. I was with him on casting to 'Got Talent' program and he didn't have any problems with crowd, noise, lights, cameras, etc.  You can watch our show from that casting here:,1912,v/tego-nie-bylo-w-tv-luz-blues-i-podskoki,22057.html


He has many successes in dogfrisbee. Dogfrisbee is his favourite sport. He is fast, agile and jumps very high! He thinks(!) during the routine, cooperates with me very well. He has no problem with difficult tricks and moves. He is perfect dogfrisbee dog.  On our youtube channel you can find lot of videos from competitions, check them out :) 

For example:    


DCDC Wroclaw 2010 - 2nd place and the best freestyle in Starters category  Czech Disc Dog Championships 2010 - 1st place and the best freestyle in Starters category 

III. Smaragd DiscDog Cup 2011 - 1st place and the best freestyle in Expert category 

KMARCh 2nd leg 2011 - 1st place in freestyle & 5th place in DogDartbee


After 4 years we're back in competition :)) Blues is 7,5 years old and still in great shape!    

KMARCh Vienna 2015 - 1st place & the best freestyle in Freestyle Expert


Sometimes we train herding. Blues was only few times 'on sheeps', but he is doing nice. 

His 3rd or 4th herding lesson: and 5th    


In the past we trained a little bit agility. We were on one training competition in 2009 and we took 2nd place in young dogs. You can see video here: and here    


His disadvantages? He is a food stealer... He will use every opportunity to steal the food :P And he loves barking;-)