November 2017 - great news, Cash (Zoey x Charlie) is HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free! Also Zee's litter is born!

October 2017 - great news, Flash (Zoey x Charlie) is HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free!

September 2017 - great news, Yeti is HD A, ED 0/0 and also DNA CEA Normal :)

August 2017 - 2nd Firework Hill meeting in Poland! Photos are here: click

July 2017 - Firework Hill meeting in Poland! Photos are here: click

June 2017 - dogfrisbee competition in Germany - Misty 1st place in Combo Expert, 2nd place in Toss&Fetch, 3rd place in Freestyle!

May 2017 - herding trial in Heikant (NL) - 2nd place for Zoey (border collie trial) and 4th place for Misty (other breeds trial)!

November 2016 - good news! Zee is HD A, ED 0/0! Now whole Zoey's first litter is xrayed with result free from displasia!

November 2016 - we are working at Pat Byrne's farm right now and visiting other great sheepdog people in Ireland! Also Zoey was at two trials here in Ireland and took 2rd and 3rd place :) 

September 2016 - we had Firework Hill family&friends meeting at our place <3 Photos are here: click

September 2016 - national trial in Landebaeron (France): Zoey took 1st place in class 1! :) 

May 2016 - we spent 2 weeks travelling. We were on our 1st ASCA stock dog trial in Netherlands where Misty got her STDd and 1st Qs on sheep and cattle; Love got STDs title. Then we spent two days on herding trainings in Netherlands, then another two days on herding trainings in France :) And we finally moved to France!

April 2016 - Abey (Zoey's kid) is HD A, ED 0/0, OCD&spondylose&patella - free! Splitu is free from displasia and Love&Misty have eyes clear!

February 2016 - Misty is DNA tested and she is free from DM, HSF4, CEA, PRA and MDR1!

February 2016 - Zoey x Charlie litter is born! Check out our CURRENT LITTER for photos :)

February 2016 - Misty is HD A, ED 0/0! :)

February 2016 - Zoey's kids had x-rays: Fate is HD A, ED 0/0, OCD&spondylose - free, Zoom is HD B, ED 0/0, OCD&spondylose - free :)

January 2016 - Zoey x Gloubard puppies are 1 year old! Happy birthday pups!

January 2016 - Zoey is PREGNANT! <3

December 2015 - mating Zoey x Charlie is done! We had meeting with Zoom, Zoey's daughter, click here for photos

November 2015 - we had meeting with Fate, Zoey's son, click here for photos

October 2015 - Zoey is DNA IGS Normal! :)

September 2015 - we have new website! :)

August 2015 - Blues passed away on 03.08.15 ;( ;( He was poisoned...

July 2015 - we have PUPPIES! Check out our M-litter! :)

July 2015 - KMARCh dogfrisbee competition - Blues 1st place, Misty 3rd place in Freestyle Expert! Zoey 1st place in Fast&Furious, Misty 2nd place in Bottleneck. Zoey & Misty passed Herding Working Test (HWT FCI) in Martinkovice (CZ)

May 2015 - new BC puppy 'Nice' - imp. UK - in our pack! :)) 

May 2015 - we are EXPECTING PUPPIES! :))

May 2015 - we have new PUPPY PLANS! :)

April 2015 - I got dna results from lab - Love is HSF4, PRA-prcd, MDR1 Normal! :)

March 2015 - Love's eyes were checked - clear! :) All pups went to the new great homes, A-litter site was updated. Our new dog - Zee from our litter - has own site too now.

January 2015 - we have puppies! Check out our A-litter! :)

January 2015 - we have new family member:) Working aussie from USA: Love

December 2014 - Zoey is pregnant! Check out 'the litter diary'!

November 2014 - we were in Switzerland! :) Check out 'litter diary': click. We were on 'herding training day' there, you can see photos: with Gloubard and with Zoey.

November 2014 - we visited two working aussie kennels in Germany (photos: 1 & 2) and Misty had 1st herding training, check out: click

October 2014 - our PUPPY PLANS are official now! Check it out! :)

October 2014 - new movies with Zoey! Frisbee&tricks: click and herding: click

September 2014 - we just got results from the lab and Zoey is DNA CEA Normal & DNA TNS Normal! :)

September 2014 - Zoey is HD A, ED 0/0! :)

September 2014 - we had guests :) Weronika and aussie Holy came to our place to meet us and our dogs. Photos are here: click

September 2014 - we bought sheeps! Finally we can start serious trainings :)

August 2014 - we were on holidays in Netherlands, Belgium & France. See photos here: click

May 2014 - new puppy in our pack! Import from USA, australian shepherd girl with really nice working bloodline. Check out her page: Misty

May 2014 - herding training with Zoey and Blues in Czech Republic :) You can see photos here: click