"D" litter - Zee & Tadhg


Zee   &   Tadhg

Our 5 excellent puppies were born on 03.11.2017! :) 2 girls and 3 boys. More informations about litter, parents etc below.


Photos: 1st week | 2nd week | 3rd week | 4th week | 5th week | 6th week | 7th week | 8th week

Videos: 2nd day


Sköll - Firework Hill Dark Sköll

boy 1

Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal , Shoulders OFA Normal

Owner: Maude Germain-Bolduc (Canada)


Twm - Firework Hill Dark Twm

boy 2


HD A2, ED 0/0, OCD free

CEA, SN, TNS, GG, IGS, NCL5, Raine-Syndrom and MDR 1 Normal

Owner: Karin Gebracht (Germany)


Dash - Firework Hill Dark Dash

girl 1

HD B, ED 0-0, OCD free

spine free from any known conditions (preliminary xray)

Owner: Lila Zachwatowicz (UK)

Kin - Firework Hill Dark Kin

girl 2

HD A, ED 0/0, OCD free


Owner: Lucie Milackova (Czech Republic)

Zap - Firework Hill Dark Zap

boy 3


DNA CEA Carrier

DNA SN / TNS / NCL / MDR1 / IGS Normal

HD A, ED 0/0

OCD in both shoulders (no need for surgery)

Owner: Elina Niemi (Finland)


It's gonna be Zee's first litter, she is bred by me - out of my perfect Zoey and by Bye and Away Gloubard. All pups from the litter she comes from have turned into amazing dogs in different kind of venues - mostly agility, but also herding and frisbee. Zee is really good working bitch, very talented, works on own sheep and trains frisbee. Super fast, very high drive, keen with big will to work. Very bouncy, crazy bouncy ;) Strong in mind. Reserved to strangers. Not afraid of loud noises. You can read more about her here: click

I've chosen for her Tadhg - son of famous Smash (Roy 297392). Just like his dad he trains agility (A3) and herding.

Very fast, agile, power dog with good jumping technique. Always ready to work! And also easy to work (and live). Rather softer than stronger, but no problem with corrections etc. Stable character in everyday life, friendly to other dogs and people, no fear of loud noises. Also very talented in herding.

I think his character fits Zee perfectly and we're gonna have some pretty cool pups to dogsports :) Both lines (Tadgh's and Zee's) are proven in agility and herding :) 


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