Zoey - border collie



Dreamwork Zoey "Zoey" (imp. CZ)


Reg.: ISDS    


Sire: Glencregg Joss

Dam: Dreamwork Teri    


Sex: female 

Color: tricolor 

weight: 14kg 

height: +/- 47cm    



ED: 0/0 

DNA CEA/CH: Normal 

DNA TNS: Normal

DNA IGS: Normal


Herding Working Test (HWT FCI): passed (04.07.15)

Zoey is my herding champion :) Her first time on sheep was amazing (she was 18 months old already). From the beginning she knew what she has to do. I was really impressed by her! She has loved it from first seconds so few months later I bought sheep for her :)) She was working with our small flock everyday and she was great in that, I could always rely on her.

On 04.07.15 Zoey passed her HWT exam. :)

18.09.16 in France she had her 1st trial and she took 1st place <3 

13.11.16 in Ireland she was on her 2nd trial and took 3rd place <3

20.11.16 in Ireland she was on her 3rd trial and took 2nd place <3

3.06.17 in Netherlands she was on her 4th trial and took 2nd place <3

Since we arrived at Pat Byrne's farm she is also a cattledog. Tough, never gives up, even after a kick. She really is a supergirl! Even though she's never worked cows before!

You can find some herding videos on my youtube channel and facebook profile. For example, outrun: click


She really loves dogfrisbee too, she is fast and focus. She learns very quickly, already does very nice (high) voults and flips. We will work on it too :)  

05.07.15 Zoey was on her first frisbee competition. She did a great job in freestyle and in Fast&Furious she took 1st place! :) 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ldTsu2wxCA  

Zoey is a very sweet girl. Loves cuddling, chilling on the couch, but she also LOVES working and that's her life;-) 

She is rather soft dog in everyday life, but strong at work. She can focuse on me and work with me everywhere. Very fast learning. Loves retrieving. High drive dog. Toy&food motivated. She has definitely 'will to please'. She is always ready to work (no matter which one). But she has 'on/off switch' too and she doesn't have problems with resting. In the house she is very calm and just loves staying in the bed:)) 

Check out her first video: http://youtu.be/8TE0RB8r2U4?list=UURr7yen3ArRAiZEjU2Sh_gA :) 

Check out her second video frisbee&tricks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eohmikxkeJM 

Few seconds from agility: https://www.facebook.com/anna.luksza.7/videos/10205684231699549/?l=2636483926861855569

4th & 5th agility training https://youtu.be/FA3i9dGg5V0