"S" litter - Nice & Lad



Nice   &   Lad

Our 5 excellent puppies were born on 22.01.2017! :) 3 girls and 2 boys. More informations about litter, parents etc below.


Photos: 1st week | 2nd week | 3rd week | 4th week | 5th week | 6th week | 7th week | 8th week

Videos: almost 5 weeks old | 6,5 weeks old

Dutchess - Firework Hill Surprise Dutchess


1st day 370g / 8 w/o old

Owner: Larry Maggard (USA)


Meggy - Firework Hill Surprise Meggy


1st day 340g / 8 w/o old


Owner: Ryan Quinn (Germany)


Spree - Firework Hill Surprise Spree


1st day   / 8 w/o old


Hips OFA Good

Elbows OFA Normal

DNA CEA Carrier

rest of DNA BC panel Normal (including EAOD)

Owner: Debbie McLean (USA)

Euro - Firework Hill Surprise Euro


1st day   / 8 w/o old


Owner: Larry Maggard (USA)

Storm - Firework Hill Suprise Storm


1st day   / 8 w/o old


HD A, ED 0/0

OCD free

Spinal LTV0, VA0 normal

Eyes clear

Patellar luxation certificate 0/0

Heart auscultation no murmur

Owner: Mia Artela (Finland)


Lad is very well known Irish sire in herding world. He is an amazing worker - sheep, cattle, no problem for him at all. Very focused on his job, it's the most important thing for him. Always ready to go, never give up. Very tough boy, stable, not afraid of moving hard cattle. Also very very fast and stylish. Pat's main farmdog, he can always rely on Lad, Lad will do everything for him. In everyday life he's friendly to people.

Lad bred many many dogs with great working abilities.

Nice is working border collie imported from Northern Ireland. She is very keen to work, ready to go anytime. Tough, strong in mind and veeery fast. She really loves working sheep, but also likes learning new tricks or playing toys :) In everyday life she is a bit crazy and also friendly to dogs and people. More informations on her page.

Nice is HD A, DNA CEA Normal, DNA TNS Normal, DNA NCL Normal, DNA IGS Normal. Lad is tested only for DNA CEA Carrier. He is almost 10 years old now and still in great shape, still working hard with power, running very fast, no limping, no health problems at all. One of his brothers was xrayed and he is HD A, also some of Lad's offspring were xrayed, also with results free from displasia.

Videos below.


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